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Feel free to browse this site for an overview of our current project, OLYMPUS: A PJO FANZINE. You can also find out more about the zine in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

About us:

This zine is created by the fans for the fans. It's been years since PJO has been in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean it's been forgotten. With the help of artists, writers, and graphic designers, we're bringing back the love for this amazing series!

The approach of OLYMPUS feels like a magazine/scrapbook. We will reminisce about the series and delve deeper into the mindset of our favorite characters. Our goal is to create a fun experience for readers and fans. This zine includes interviews and photoshoots of PJO characters, articles, advertisements, and quizlets. We hope that this zine bring you closer to the PJO series in a whole new way!

Contact: olympus@cosmiccowzine.com

SHOP (we won't be stocking up our shop until pre-orders begin in December 2022)

Reprints of the summer edition will be available for purchase during December pre-orders!


Cover art by @smoustart

Mockup by @valarts


Cover art by @velinxi

Mockup by @valarts

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