Q: Will this zine be digital or printed?

A: The plan is to have the zine in both pdf and as a printed physical copy available for purchase once pre-orders open! Furthermore, if this zine gains enough interest and pre-orders there will be merch bundles available to purchase!!

Q: Does this zine include only art?

A: Not at all! This zine will include works from artists, writers, and graphic designers!

Q: Does this zine only consider what happened in the PJO Series and nothing else?

A: No, we will also be referencing the Heroes of Olympus series. We are only covering those two series, as the PJO universe also includes the Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and The Trials of Apollo series. To include all of these series would be too complex, so we're keepin' things simple!

Q: How will the work be distributed/divided?

A: Generally, we assign one section/task per artist (this may be a single page or a 2 page spread). The rule of thumb is to keep the workload at one artist per section. Depending on each person's personal schedule, they may cover 2 sections/tasks.

However, this one artist-to-one section rule is different for writers and graphic designers. Graphic designers will split the work, covering the whole book (10-15 sections per person). Graphic designers are in charge of typography, layout, and logos. Whereas, writers are responsible for tips/guides and quizzes. Writers will cover 3-5 sections each.

Q: Is this zine made for profit or for non-profit ?

A: This zine is made for profit.

Q: How will contributors of this zine be paid?

A: Contributors of this zine will receive a physical copy of the zine, as well as all the merch. Any extra profit made from this fanzine will be distributed to the contributors (amount of payment will be distributed based on the amount of work that person has contributed). Should there be profit, contributors will need to have a PayPal account to receive payment. Details of payment will be clarified further along the zine process.

Q: What is the size of this zine?

A: The final zine will be 8.5" x 11"


Q: How are you judging the applications?

A: We are accepting the applications based on skill and how well certain art styles will work together with other styles. The format of this zine is similar to a magazine/scrapbook, so we want the overall feel of the book and styles to work well together and compliment each other pieces.

Q: To apply, are there limitations such as age or country?

A: There are no limitations to apply. Although, if accepted into the zine, you will have to have access to a PayPal account. We send contributor's payments through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, either make one or ask to use your friend's or guardian's PayPal account.

Q: Is having a large following a prerequisite?

A: Not at all! Your social media could definitely have less than 1K followers and still be accepted! Remember, it's the skill that we're judging, not the follower count.

Q: Is traditional art allowed for this zine?

A: Yes, however, we ask that you provide us with a high quality scan of your art.

Q: Do my sample works have to PJO related?

A: No, your works do not have to be related to the Percy Jackson series. For artists applications, feel free to submit any of your work that best represents your skill. However, for writers applying, it would be rather helpful if your sampled writings focused on PJO, as it demonstrates your understanding of the original series/characters and helps us to see if your work matches the tone of this zine.

Q: How long should my writing samples be?

A: We ask that your submission samples be less than 2,000 words each. If your samples are longer than that, please do your best to cut it down to under 2k words. If you find it difficult to shorten your sample, please cut it off at the 2k word mark and let us know that there is more (ex: "I'm cutting it off here at the 2,000 word mark, but there's more where that came from"). Generally, this zine will have a word count cut-off, so it's best to show us upfront in your applications that you are capable of good writing within a small word count.

Q: How many contributors will be accepted?

A: The current plan is to accept 40-50 artists, 3 writers, and 2 graphic designers. These numbers may change, depending on the applications received.

Q: Can I submit sample works that include ships?

A: Yes, this is totally fine!

Q: Why didn't I get accepted?

A: There are numerous possibilities. The first and most important point being the amount of applicants we're accepting currently in comparison to the amount of applicants who've submitted an application (we get a lot of applications). The second one being the skill. This is not to say that your work shows a lack of skill, but rather that some other applicants may have a better grasp on the fundamentals. The fundamentals for artists would be lighting, anatomy, poses, and color theory. The fundamentals for graphic designers would be layouts, typography, color choice, and logos. The fundamental for writers would be grammar, spelling, sentence structure, tone and diction. Your work may demonstrate all of the above, but don't forget the first point being the number of applicants who have submitted too! The third reason why you might not have gotten accepted is style. Your style may be amazing, but would it compliment other artists' styles? or is it so so different that it can distract from other people's pieces? (some styles may be drastically different but still be manageable in complimenting other's work). For example, if most of the other accepted entries have an anime-essence to it, but we have one amazing entry that specializes in cubism art, the difference can be too jarring. We aren't searching for a specific style, it's all based on the entries received. The forth reason is an influx of the same style. Sometimes we get too many applicants with very, very similar styles. As the old cliche movies go, "It's not you, it's me."


Honestly, you guys are full of talent. We really wish we could accept more of you, but management would be a nightmare especially on such a specifically formatted zine like ours. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you guys stay tuned for our work and other zine announcements! If and when we officially announce a new zine in the works, we encourage you to submit an application with us again. Even if your application was rejected before, this does not automatically mean you won't be accepted the next time around! Keep being awesome!


Q: How much will the zine cost?

A: The current plan is 15 USD (PDF) and 25USD (Physical Zine).

Q: How much will the merch cost?

A: That depends on the merch and bundle sets. During the pre-order period, there will be stretch goals. When those stretch goals are unlocked, we can make those merch possible for your order! So the merch sent to production depends on each stretch goal reached. (This section will be updated once our stretch goals are reached).

Q: How much will shipping cost?

A: It all depends on the final weight of the orders. As of now, our guess estimate is 7USD for USA orders and 13USD for international orders.

Q: How can I pay for the zine?

A: Payment will be made through PayPal or by credit/debit card. You don't need a PayPal account to use their services. PayPal will accept your payments as long as you have a valid credit/debit card.

Q: How long will shipping take?

A: Our current estimate is one to two weeks for US orders and three to four weeks for international orders.

Q: Will shipments include tracking numbers?

A: Yes, all orders will receive tracking numbers. Once we ship your order, we will provide email notification including your tracking number.

Q: What if my zine is lost or damaged?

A: If your zine has not arrived within a month of shipment or if your zine arrives with significant damage, please email us with your order number and if damaged (please provide images) so we can discuss any replacements/refunds.